Professional Development

The NCAGP offers many opportunities to advance your knowledge of public procurement through seminars, certifications, networking and trade shows. Explore how you and/or your governmental unit can be recognized for excellence in purchasing by taking advantage of these opportunities!


Throughout the year, NCAGP offers a variety of seminars, conferences and classes designed to build the skills and abilities of our members. Annually, we host a conference in the spring and regional seminars in the fall that offer a multitude of opportunities for professional development and career-related education.

We are fortunate and proud to be associated with the School of Government, UNC at Chapel Hill, a leader in teaching, advising, and consulting for local and state government officials in North Carolina. A focal point of the School's work is planning, administering and teaching in continuing education courses for the state's government officials.

The School and faculty have been an integral and invaluable part of the success of the NCAGP and its members. The School is actively involved in the education programs offered by NCAGP and the Certified Local Government Purchasing Officer (CLGPO) certification.

Additional information including purchasing courses required for the CLGPO certification in addition to other procurement related courses offered by the School of Government can be found at: http://www.sog.unc.edu/node/758.

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